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Cutter Mill Park [Great Neck Rd., 829-5428] has restrooms, an aqua park, playground equipment, basketball courts and picnic tables.

Jonathan L. Ielpi Firefighters’ Park [Grace Ave., 829-2691] has restrooms, picnic areas, a children's playground, an enclosed area for small children, an aqua park and a gazebo. On Tuesday summer evenings there are live performances.

Lakeville Park [Pembroke Ave., 482-9502] has restrooms, basketball courts, a playground and an aqua park.

Ravine Park, Ravine Rd., faces Manhasset Bay, has tall trees, benches, a playground and a small gazebo.

Upland Park, Bates & Soundview, provides basketball and handball courts, a children's playground, shade trees, benches and a child-sized train.

Wyngate Park, Wyngate & Shoreward, has two play areas and basketball courts.

Thomaston Park, Susquehanna Ave., has sitting areas, basketball courts, horseshoe pits, checker/chess tables, a playground and a gazebo.

Manor Park [Cumberland Ave., 482-9264] has restrooms, a playground, an aqua park and tables.

Passive Parks
There are three passive parks within the Great Neck Park District. These parks don't have recreational facilities but are quiet, natural, wildlife preserves for reflection and strolling. The passive parks are Creek Park (Daniel Jay Berg Memorial) on Great Neck Road; Wooleys Lane Park on Wooleys Lane; Udalls Pond Park and the Woodland Preserve on Beach Road.

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