How to Obtain Parking Permits


  • A car registration is required for each car in order to obtain a window decal.
  • The car must be registered to the resident who is requesting the decal. If the car is owned by a business, a form must be filled out by the business (owner of the car) in order to get the window decal.
  • There is a maximum of two (2) active window decals permitted per household. The first decal is free; there is a $12 fee for a second decal.
  • Should a resident need to replace a car for any reason, the sticker will be free of charge.
  • All window decals expire on the same day, regardless of when they are purchased.
  • This sticker is to be placed on the outside of the lower right-hand corner of the last window on the driver's side.
  • In order to remove a decal from the system the resident is required to prove that the car will no longer be parked in the parking lots. This can be done by providing a termination of lease agreement, paperwork from the Department of Motor Vehicles showing that the plates have been surrendered or surrendering the sticker itself.
  • Temporary decals are available should a resident need to rent a car. In this case, the rental agreement is required. It should show the resident's name and the expected date of return. If a resident has purchased a monthly or yearly parking ticket, it should be brought in so adjustments can be made to it.
  • Window decals are required for parking at all times.
  • No parking decal shall be issued for the following and no such vehicle as the following shall be parked in any Park District commuter lot:
    • bus
    • commercial vehicle
    • omnibus
    • taxi cab
    • tractor
    • trailer
    • truck


  • Parking fees apply Monday through Friday between 5 a.m. and 5 p.m. and a daily, monthly or yearly parking ticket must be hung from the rear-view mirror or placed on the dashboard of the vehicle.
  • Dailies and yearlies can be purchased at Great Neck House during office hours.
  • Monthlies can be purchased either at the Great Neck House or online by CLICKING HERE. Online purchases must be made at least ten (10) business days prior to the month requested.

**** To purchase monthly parking passes online you must first create your online registration account, to do so click HERE and follow our tutorial. ****